2020 QRT!!!

Beacon features:


QRG: 432,457 Mhz


County/State: Botosani, Romania

ASL: 158 m

ANT: X-510 antenna (soon Big Whell, gain 3dBd, Polarity H)

PWR: 0.5W and 5 W

QTF:  Omni

Mode: CW (A1A)

Polarity: V


TNX for report!




Last measured frequency: 432.457,410 Khz

Working time: 19 month


2020 QRT!!!

30/03/2018 18:00 beacon ON (new PA with two power levels: 0.5W and 5W

11/03/2018 18:30  beacon OFF, PA dead :(

08/11/2017 07:30 beacon ON (new X-510 antenna)

01/09/2017 11:30  beacon OFF antenna is down

12/04/2017  20:15  change the frequency from 432,545 Mhz  to 432,454 Mhz

27/02/2017  18:05  beacon ON

03/02/2017  05:15  beacon OFF

01/02/2017  17:05  beacon ON

31/01/2017  17:00  beacon OFF

24/01/2017  16:30 beacon ON

23/01.2017  05:30  beacon OFF (upgrade)

22/01/2017  06:30 UTC becon ON

21/01/2017  16:30 UTC  beacon OFF (technical issues)

19/12/2016 Start of Operation


A movie with the beacon received on KN37GR. The first part with 0.5W and the second part with 5W. You can see on S-meter.

Inside beacon: VCXO, uC keyer, PA and power supply.


Power module

top VXCO

bottom VXCO

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